Jackie Nave

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

MAED, B.S. Biological Sciences

I’m Jackie, a fellow mama and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am passionate about helping other moms learn to prioritize their health and make sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve their personal health goals.

I am a new mama to a little guy who will be turning one year old this winter. My husband and I relocated to the Hershey, Pennsylvania area last year.

In addition to my Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching training, my background is focused in science. I earned by MAED and B.S. in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech. My sweet spot is understanding the science behind nutrition and how it impacts my clients’ unique metabolism. I pride myself on staying in the loop about the most recent nutritional research, and then applying this knowledge to my clients’ health goals.

My Health + Weight Loss Journey

I have always had an interest in nutrition, however my passion truly took off after college. During college, I did not make wise decisions to take care of my body, and therefore had gained close to 35 pounds. The more critical concern was that I had also gained negative body image and low self confidence which was impacting other areas of my life.

I took control of the situation, and started educating myself on nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness to change the trajectory of my life. I lost the weight, but more importantly I gained confidence in myself and fell in love with me again! I have continued my passion in nutrition by completing the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

This past year while pregnant, I continued to lean on my passion for nutrition to fuel myself (and growing baby). In this postpartum season, I have continued to my nourish my body and have been dedicated to making time for myself through nutrition and movement. My body is stronger than ever, and I am confident in my skin again. This process has taken dedication, hard work, and a lot of grace for myself – and this is exactly what I want for you too! I want you to fall in love with yourself again and be confident in your skin!

My Passion for Helping Other Moms

I genuinely feel like mamas stick together! I love being able to use my passion for nutrition and wellness to help a fellow mom reach her health goals and overcome doubts and frustrations she may be experiencing.

Whether you want to lose weight to feel confident in pictures, gain energy to be able to keep up with your little ones, or learn to make margin in your life to better manage stress – I can help you get there. Please contact me today for a Free Consultation!