My Top Pregnancy Products

Before I was pregnant, I really didn’t research a lot about what it was like being pregnant… heck I was just trying to get my hormones figured out so we could even try! But, now that I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy (20 weeks on Friday, aka 5 months), I’ve wrapped my head around all the changes! The female body is really such an incredible thing… I can’t believe I’m growing a little baby in there, still blows my mind!

Although I haven’t gone crazy with ordering pregnancy stuff, I have found a handful of items that have been really helpful during this period. Here are 7 products I have loved during pregnancy:


1. C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

There are a ton of pregnancy pillows out there, and they can get quite pricey. I love this pillow because it’s affordable and makes you feel like you’re little spoon all night long lol. As someone who likes to sleep on her back, I wanted to get a pregnancy pillow early on so I can could get into the habit of sleeping on my side before my belly gets too big (when it actually matters to sleep on your side). Although I’d still prefer to sleep on my back, this pillow is making it way more comfortable for me to sleep on my side. Love love love this pillow! Find the pillow HERE.


2. What to Eat While Pregnant book

I was really nervous of gaining too much weight when I first became pregnant. For some people this isn’t a concern, but I was starting to become nervous because all I could stomach the first 14 weeks was carbs! And women with PCOS are at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, so it became something I was really concerned about. But this book really calmed my nerves and helped me realized it’s okay not to be perfect when you’re experiencing nausea. I love how informative this book is about what nutrients your baby needs during different stages of pregnancy, and it even gives you different foods to focus on week by week based on baby’s needs! And the recipes are delicious! This book is ideal for the health conscious mama to be! Find the book HERE.


3. Your Pregnancy to Childbirth: Month by Month book

Another fabulous book for expectant mamas (or women hoping to be expecting soon)! This book was actually gifted to me at my new OBGYN in Pennsylvania. The nurse told me to read the book because it was the best out there… so I did and I’m so glad I took her advice. There is SOOO much contradicting information on the web about pregnancy. It is honestly overwhelming. I love that this book covers all the topics and gives advice straight from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. I didn’t have my hands on this book until my second trimester, however I went back and read all the first trimester things to make sure I was following everything appropriately. I found this book so helpful and can’t recommend it enough to expecting moms! Find the book HERE.


4. 32 Ounce Water Tumbler

No one told me how thirsty I would be pregnant. Like oh my gosh, I never have enough water! I find myself parched literally all the time! Initially, I realized I wasn’t drinking enough water because I find it easier to drink through a straw, and I didn’t have a reusable tumbler like this. I immediately ordered THIS tumbler and have been using it since week 5 of pregnancy. It came with a plastic straw, which I do use but I also use metal straws like THIS. I try to drink 3 of the tumblers a day!


5. Vitamix Blender

Making smoothies was such a life saver in first trimester when I felt terrible, could not even look at a vegetable, and still wanted to be able to consume some leafy greens for my growing baby. I made a lot of smoothies with spinach (check out my Instagram highlights for my go to recipe), and having a powerful blender is a must to make sure the spinach is completely liquified so you don’t get spinach chunks in your smoothie (yuck). I absolutely love this blender! My mom gave it to me (she had two… she’s like that lol) and I have gotten so much use out of it! Find the blender HERE.


6. Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

No this isn’t sponsored, I just genuinely love Ritual’s prenatal vitamin! Vitamins aren’t regulated by the FDA, which is pretty scary if you think about it. I love Ritual’s vitamins because they are very transparent with the ingredients and only use high quality, clean ingredients. They are also vegan if you are avoiding animal products. Always get your prenatal approved by your doctor, especially if you have other conditions going on. This was approved by my OBGYN! I have these delivered monthly. The only thing it lacks is vitamin b6, which can help with nausea. Find the vitamins HERE.


7. Almond Oil

Ugh the dreaded stretch marks. So from what I’ve read, stretch marks are mostly determined by your genetics and there’s not much you can do to prevent them! I have heard that they typically go away after birth, so there is hope! However on the What to Expecting App, they have a video segment interviewing a dermatologist who recommends massaging almond oil on your belly. If you consider this, obviously get the product you choose to use approved by your doctor, but I am using THIS oil and try to use it daily before bed. And side note, it’s odorless which is a plus! I love almonds, but not trying to smell like them on the reg lol. You can read more about stretch marks HERE.


If you are a new expecting mama, congrats!!! I hope this post was helpful for you!! And if you are hoping to be expecting soon, you’re in my thoughts and prayers, I know how hard that journey is!

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