Match Day 2020…we’re moving to

Hey Friends… before I get to the exciting news about where we are headed, here’s why it’s taken me a while to share the big news on the blog:

What an unusual time we are living in… Some days I see the beauty in the rest social distancing has brought to our lives, and other days I’m unspeakably sad, like earlier this week when I found out all Virginia schools would remain closed the remainder of the year. Some Virginia school districts were still open when COVID-19 started taking the turn for the worst and had a few days to prepare for virtual learning… our school was on spring break. We had no time to prepare or even say goodbye to our students. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a chaotic limbo the past couple of weeks. I had hoped to get this blog post up earlier this week, but the news of schools being permanently closed hit me hard, and I’ve been very upset all week knowing I will never see my kids in person again or teach another day in the school building where I started teaching… it’s been a roller coaster of emotions for sure. Thank you all of sticking with me as I’ve sort of ghosted the blog and Instagram to try and wrap my head around not being able to see my kids again, and how to virtually teach them the rest of the year (while 99% of my materials are locked in my classroom since we didn’t know we wouldn’t return after spring break).

Even though my heart is broken over not being able to see my kids again, we’ve had some pretty amazing news with Match Day last Friday!! I chatted in THIS blog post how COVID-19 impacted our match day celebrations, but we still had such a great day!!!

We’re moving to….

Last Friday we got the email that we’re headed to…. PENN STATE! Brandon matched Anesthesia residency at the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and we will be moving to Pennsylvania this summer! We are incredibly excited about this news!! Brandon’s worked so hard these past four years (and years before then) to match his residency program! I’ve been fortunate to be alongside him for this entire medical school journey, and I can’t believe he will finally be a physician!


I am so excited about the move. It’s a new place for both of us and a fresh start together!! I already feel a part of the community of spouses of physicians in the area after connecting with them on facebook. It just feels so right! I’ve been looking at places to live- which oh my gosh is both so fun and overwhelming at the same time with the ever fluctuating economy (thank you corona). We aren’t able to visit the area right now since we want to be responsible and limit unnecessary travel to prevent spreading coronavirus… so we may have to make a decision about a new home without ever seeing it (scary I know, but we have an awesome realtor who is helping us and my parents have lived in 15 homes together so they have been so helpful to us). But honestly, despite the wrench coronavirus is throwing into life right now, this is just such an exciting time for both of us. I feel so blessed that THIS time in our lives and marriage is finally here. I can’t wait to take you along with us on the next part of our journey.



Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us during this stressful time of fourth year medical school. I can’t thank this community enough for always cheering us on!!


The Photo Wall + Balloon Garland


Since we couldn’t celebrate with a bunch of friends and family on match day, I made a little photo wall at home to celebrate Brandon. I went to target for decorations, and I’m convinced everyone is having quarantine parties at home because there were very slim pickings of decorations! But I was able to buy a letter string banner, gold backdrop, and a bunch of balloons!

I followed THIS youtube video on how to make the balloon garland. I showed a time lapse of me creating this balloon garland at midnight (and finished it four hours later lol), and honestly it wasn’t that difficult, just time consuming. If I was to do it again, I would do it a day or two in advance and have a few friends help me (would pay them in buddha bowls and wine, of course). To get an idea of how many balloons you need, you can go to THIS website and look at garlands for inspiration, in the details they tell you how any balloons are needed depending on the length of the garland you’re making. I used around 80 balloons total. To hang it up, I just used clear command hooks and fishing line!

On my instagram stories I said I would never make one of these again… but honestly I am thinking of how I can make these for every event now because they are just THAT gorgeous. What do you think?? Are you a fan of balloon garlands?




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