Healthy Vegan Meal Plan for a Busy Schedule: Week #8

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you on Instagram I was advising and would be coming home super late each night (like midnight or later)? To survive that week, I was very strategic in planning our meals. This is exactly what I ate that week! Many of these meals require little prep, making them ideal for a busy schedule. To help you organize a busy week of meals, make sure you also read THIS post where I chat about how I meal prep on Sundays. It’ll make your life a lot easier!

Here we go… let’s do this!

The Meal Plan 

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 5.46.35 AM

The Recipes


Blueberry Overnight Chia Oats + Homemade Almond Butter

Oats Recipe: 3 Ways to Make Vegan Chia Seed Overnight Oats

I shared in my last vegan meal plan post that I’ve been making homemade almond butter! If you can get a large bag of almonds at discount (thanks Costco), it’s affordable to make your own almond butter. I use a recipe from my vegan cookbook, but THIS recipe is very similar.


Spiced Lentil + Squash Salad

Recipe: The actual recipe is from the vegan cookbook I’m obsessed with

This salad is sooo good! I highly suggest getting my fav vegan cookbook (or checking it out from the library for free like I did originally). But, I’ll try to summarize how to make a similar salad here.

Roast butternut squash (I do this in the air fryer) with a little EVOO and salt/pepper. Boil a batch of green lentils (I like to boil in no sodium vegetable broth). Mix cumin and cinnamon into the lentils to taste. In a large bowl combine the lentils and roasted squash. Add in chopped fresh parsley and onions to the mix. Make a batch of balsamic vinaigrette (linked in THIS post my standard base for all purpose vinegars, be sure to use balsamic vinegar). If serving immediately, drizzle dressing on top of mixture and serve on top of mixed greens.

Vegan Chili 

Recipe: Homemade Vegetarian Chili 

I’ve tried a few vegan chili recipes, and this one is my absolute favorite! You get a slight charred/smokey taste infused throughout the chili. I also find that the blending trick adds that hearty element that could is easily missed without meat. The only modifications I make to this recipe is that I use 1 can black beans and 2 cans kidney beans. Serve with sliced avocado!


Edamame Spaghetti with Greens, Beans, and Tomatoes

Recipe: another recipe from the vegan cookbook … but I’ve got some tips to recreate something similar

At this point, if you’re still looking for a sign to buy that cookbook, THIS is your sign! I love that cookbook. And this recipe is a game changer if you need something quick for week nights. The recipe also teaches you how to make garlic chips to top any spaghetti dish- if that doesn’t sell you on the cookbook, I don’t know what does! The only modification I make on this recipe is that I use edamame pasta instead of whole wheat spaghetti (I like the protein content in bean based pastas).

To make something similar to this recipe, you’ll saute spinach and diced tomatoes with EVOO and garlic. Add a little nutritional yeast for a “cheesy” flavor. Toss in cannellini beans. Lastly, stir in the edamame pasta! Soooo easy!

Slow Cooker Kung Pao Chickpeas 

Recipe: Kung Pae Chickpeas by Detoxinista 

Everyone loved this recipe! It’s definitely going to be something I add to the weeknight rotation. The modifications I made included using low-sodium soy sauce and no maple syrup, however I do wonder if the maple syrup is needed to balance out the flavors… but you know me, I hate adding sugar unless it’s for desserts! I mixed the beans with veggies (I just steamed a bag of frozen veggies) and topped it on a bed of quinoa and cauliflower rice. I personally like cauliflower rice a lot, but it doesn’t pick up the sauce as well as quinoa – so I mix the two!

Slow Cooker Masala Lentils

Recipe: Slow Cooker Masala Lentils by The Full Helping

This was another quick and easy recipe. It lasted for days, so it’s ideal if you need to get a lot of meals out of it. The only addition I made here was that I added a pack of frozen spinach (microwaved first) to the lentils before serving. I served it on top of a mix of cauliflower rice and quinoa.


Woohoo that’s a wrap on another plant based meal plan for ya! I hope this helps you plan out your next busy week!!


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Health Disclaimer:

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