5 Reasons to Declutter your Home for Mental Clarity

I’ve been less present on social media the past week or so, mostly because I have been decluttering little corners of our home when I can squeeze in a few hours! And who wants to watch me organize my bathroom cabinets lol?!

As I’ve been decluttering small areas here and there, I’ve noticed how much better I feel overall about our space. I started thinking about Marie Kondo (highly recommend watching her show on Netflix) and how the organization market is really taking off (guys- you can hire a professional organizer to come to your home!!). I don’t think this is a fad or fleeting trend, I think this organization thing actually boils down to gaining mental clarity. And mental clarity, friends, is something a lot of us could use more of.

But here’s the thing I’ve realized the past few weeks as I’ve been decluttering – it isn’t an easy task. Especially if you have a lot of stuff to go through (ME!). Sometimes I think it’s easier to cram everything in a closet, and say it’s “clean” rather than do the hard work of sorting and deciding. But that isn’t going to give you or mental clarity we desperately need. If you’re looking for that motivation to start decluttering your home, today’s blog is for you! Here are some things I’ve learned that decluttering can bring to your life.

Less stuff to pick through = less frustration 

We’ve all been there- you’re running a few minutes behind, looking for your favorite sweater and can’t find it anywhere. Or you open THAT closet, and are terrified when you take a look inside. Clutter can cause severe frustration and stress. Having to search frantically through items to find that ONE thing is one of the must frustrating things to go through. Legit anxiety inducing – do you know that feeling? And usually, the 27 items I took out of the closet to find my one sweater are things I really don’t need.

As I’ve been decluttering little spaces of our home, I’ve noticed how less stressed out I feel in the mornings getting ready for work. I just organized my bathroom cabinets this past weekend, and now I’m no longer fumbling through 18 hair care products to find my leave-in conditioner, or desperately searching for a hair tie only to find out there are none within reach. Everything has a home and I know exactly where to find it. It’s freeing, really. I feel less stressed and frustrated in the mornings, which makes my whole day start off on a better foot!

But for the record – I’ve been decluttering since 2020 began, and I still have closets I hate looking into and baskets of clothes I need to donate or sell. Something I’ll touch on at the end of this blog is that I believe decluttering is a marathon not a sprint. So please don’t feel like you need to get everything organized right this second! Small wins girlfriend!

Creates more margin in your life

Less frustration from clutter innately brings more margin in your life. I first heard this phrase, “margin in your life”, in church a couple of years ago. I love the visual of creating margin in my life – like margins on a paper. We all need space to breath, space to think, space to rest, space to hear God. But the reality is that most of us aren’t giving ourselves any sort of margin.

I’m finding that the freedom I feel by decluttering my home is making me feel like I have more breathing room. For example, I’m sitting at my craft room desk right now. In front of me is an organized and styled bookshelf, and to my right is my newly organized decor closet. Both of these things are bringing me joy and peace, whereas a few weeks ago I got massive anxiety every time I looked at them. They needed to desperately be organized and decluttered, and looking at the mess was a constant reminder that I didn’t have time to organize my mess. Like a physical reminder of how little time I had in my day. I hated it!! So I decided to get my hands dirty, spend an ENTIRE weekend and organized the room. I still have a few things I want to organize in here, but for the most part, this room is organized and I immediately feel a sense of peace walking into it. Wouldn’t you love that feeling too?

More enjoyable coming home to an organized home than a cluttered one

After a long day at work – coming home to a clean and organized space is honestly a simple luxury. I don’t know about you, but when I come home to a mess, I immediately feel tension to try and muster up energy to clean. Some days I can do it, while other days I’m too tired and just let it go. As I’ve been decluttering and getting rid of massive amounts of items in our home, I’ve made the simple realization that having less items means it’s less difficult to keep our house clean. I know, I’m a genius lol! It seems like common sense, but once you start to notice how much easier it is to organize without the clutter, it’s kind of addicting. I love coming home to a clean house, and I really believe decluttering is a big part of achieving that.

Makes you become more mindful of spending habits

Once I start decluttering, I get a little addicted to purging. I start to become less afraid to throw items out or donate, so much so that sometimes Brandon has to stop me and remind me that we need certain items I’m willing to throw out to declutter lol. When I declutter long enough though, I realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated that we don’t actually need. And after a certain point, I start looking at purchases very differently. Unless they are going to be very functional and useful, I don’t want to add another item that could cause clutter.

The past weekend, I went to TJ Maxx to get a few items we actually needed. But you know how that goes… you go to TJ Maxx for a few things, you come out with 10! As I started browsing the home aisle, and saw little decor pieces that caught my eye, I kept finding myself reflecting before decided if it was worth the purchase. And this time, I wasn’t as concerned with the price as I was with the space. I am now in a place where I don’t want to add more clutter to our home as I’m working so hard to declutter it. So currently, 9 times out of 10, I’m putting items back unless I know exactly where they will go and what function they will serve.

So now I’m no longer bringing home unnecessary items, but I’m also helping our monthly budget!

You can have the opportunity to bring someone else joy by selling or donating items

This is something I’m pretty big on! While I’m decluttering, I make a donate and a sell pile. It’s easy to make the connection that when you donate items, you’re going to bring joy to someone else’s life. But what has surprised me the past few weeks is how excited people are to buy my used items. I’ve been selling quite a bit on facebook marketplace, so have had the pleasure of meeting buyers in person. Each time, they are SO excited to get a new piece of decor! They usually tell me all about where they plan to put it and in the process they share a bit of their story with me. One sweet lady had just moved to a new home with her significant other and was trying to decorate on a budget. A momma had just decorated her daughters’ bathroom and couldn’t wait to add the marine Rae Dunn mugs. While another sweet older lady was excited to get my chalkboard menu to add to her kitchen. Each interaction was always so unique and I left the exchange feeling humbled I got to bring a little joy to someone else’s life. Pretty neat, right?

Piece of advice before you get started: decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint

Before you start to declutter, I just want to remind you that this is a thorough process. It’s going to take you some time to declutter correctly. If you speed this up and try to tackle the entire house in one day, you may end up becoming lazy and just moving your mess around instead of sorting through it. Does that make sense?

I remind myself of often is that this process is a marathon, not a sprint. AND it has to get worse before it gets better. I currently have piles in the hallway of clothes and items to still sort through. It doesn’t at all feel like I’ve decluttered with the piles growing each day. I honestly hate seeing them there. But I’m also reminding myself that when I have time (likely this weekend), I can work a little more on decluttering and get everything organized. It’s a process, a thorough one, and I’ll be thankful later that I put the time into doing it right.

I hope today’s blog post inspired you to get a little decluttering done over the weekend to bring more mental clarity to your life. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been inspired!


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