Fall Workout Q&A

This post has been a long time coming! About three months ago, I switched up my workout routine and have seen amazing results! I wanted to share how happy I was with this new workout routine, but only after I had stuck to it for a while to really know the long term results, and I finally feel like I can genuinely chat about it.

Last week on instagram, I asked you for questions you had about my workout routine. I’m answering them all here. Let’s jump into it!

What program did you switch to?

As many of you know, I have been a die hard Kayla Itsine’s BBG fan for years (find my BBG tips HERE). And I still love BBG (you can purchase the BBG pdf or use the SWEAT app, learn more HERE)! But, I started to feel like I was plateauing and was hoping to tone up a bit. I used to be afraid of weight training, but before my wedding a couple of years ago I worked with a personal trainer to learn to use weights. I really loved it, but I hated that each of the lifting workouts was at least an hour. For me, a program that is under 40 minutes is more realistic for me to fit in every day. I also am more likely to stick to a program if I can complete it at home, especially with this colder weather- who wants to go out in the cold to get to the gym when you can stay warm inside?!

So with all of that being said, I made the switch a few months ago to another workout within the SWEAT app – PWR at home. It incorporates a variety of exercises that utilize weights and resistance bands, with the entire workout being completed at home. The varying workouts focus on targeted muscle groups. You also complete cardio on your own (walking, running, etc.) a specific number of days a week. As you progress through the program, you add in more resistance training days.

I love how toned I’ve gotten the past few months and how easy it was to fit into my schedule. I have noticed a huge change in my body from changing to this type of workout, and I really love it! Also, sometimes I still try and fit in a BBG workout every now and then (which is one of the perks of having the SWEAT app – you can easily access other workouts within the app).

In addition to this workout regime, I have also changed my diet, which I plan to blog about in the near future. I think both this workout and the diet have contributed immensely to my health recently.


How often do you workout?

This fall has been pretty hectic for me. I haven’t been able to workout as often as I would like, especially compared to how much I was working out this past summer. My goal is to workout 6 days a week. Currently, I’m completing about 3 resistance workouts a week and 1-2 cardio workouts a week, so realistically around 5 days.

I have actually restarted the PWR at home workout this week. I just completed the 12 week program last week, but honestly I didn’t do it 100%. I had weeks where I skipped workouts and didn’t stick to the cardio plan. Which is crazy because I still had great results! Now that I realize how much I love it and the results I get from it, my plan is to be strict and stick with the designated number of workouts per week!


Do you workout before or after teaching?

My answer to this changes to what my life looks like and what commitments I have made during particular times of the year.

Currently, I am working out right after school for a few reasons. First of all, I try to get to school between 7-7:15am, meaning that if I’m going to exercise in the morning, I’m getting up REALLY early. This also means I have to shower in the morning, which adds more time to my getting ready routine. Since I workout in the afternoons, I shower in the evenings, and wake up with dry hair. It helps cut some time out of my getting ready routine.

I also chatted about this on instagram stories yesterday, but another reason I workout after school is to give me some mental clarity. I try really hard not to take work home with me, and that includes the stress or worry from the day. One of the ways I clear my head is getting some activity – so whether that’s a workout, walk, or run, I try to get it done right after school since it helps shift my mindset for the rest of the evening.


My after school walking and running buddy

What tips do you have to workout after work?

Even though I workout after school, I am usually exhausted by the time I get home. But once I make myself workout, I feel energized and have enough energy to make dinner and get anything else on my to-do list complete, so I had to figure out a way to power through.

I have some tips to help me complete my workouts after school! I try to leave school on time and get home immediately to get my workout started within the first 15 minutes after getting home. I think the trick here is that I don’t sit on the couch or scroll on my phone. So  I get home, take Tira out, then immediately head upstairs to get my workout clothes on. Basically, I try not to give myself any excuse not to workout. Also, since I have the SWEAT app, I always know what program I’m going to be completing, so I don’t waste time “looking” for a workout.

Personally, things that can make it hard for me to workout after school are if I have after school meetings, need to run errands, am traveling to go out of town, have company visiting, or if I need to take pictures for the blog before I lose light. These days are really hard for me, and if I know these things are going to happen in advance, I will try and workout before school. Know yourself, know what makes it hard for you to completely workouts, and make a strategy in advance of how you will still get your workout in. Planning is huge!


How do you stay motivated with being teacher tired?

I’ve thought about this question for a while, and I think we should dive into how everyone is motivated differently before I answer. There are a ton of quizzes out there, but I really love Gretchin Rubin’s Four Tendency Quiz. I love how this quiz focuses on how you respond and meet inner and outer expectations. I’m a upholder – meaning I meet expectations I make for myself and that others have for me. I love habits, schedules, and to do lists! It’s really not hard for me to keep myself accountable when it comes to working out, because this is my tendency. So definitely keep this in mind as I answer this question, and realize you may need something differently to stay motivated.

I stay motivated when I have a goal in mind and have a “why” for working out. In the past, my goals were usually around losing a certain amount of weight by a vacation. These days, I focus more on how I feel both physically and emotionally. Yes, I still weigh myself every now and then, but I focus more on how I feel about myself and if I feel strong.

I also stay motivated when I find a workout I love. This is really huge. I think it’s important to choose a workout that you love so you actually look forward to it. I personally gravitate towards high intensity workouts, circuit weight training, brisk runs outside, hot yoga, and long walks. I don’t like zumba or anything with too much choreography. Knowing this, I structure my exercise routines to be things I enjoy, and therefore are more incline to complete.


IMG_3175 2

I hope you liked this blog post and found it helpful! If you give PWR at home a try, let me now what you think! I’m kinda obsessed!

This post was in no way sponsored by SWEAT or Gretchin Rubin. These are things I genuinely love and, as always, I am sharing my authentic opinions with you!


Health Disclaimer:

I am not a physician or Registered Dietician. Some blog posts discuss healthy eating and exercise, and the purpose is to share my personal journey and experience with diet and fitness. As always, consult a physician before making any changes in diet or exercise. The author and blog disclaim liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in any activities or ideas from this site.

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