DIY Fresh Lavender & Eucalyptus Shower Bouquet

As it starts to slowly transition from summer to fall, we have been experiencing 80+ degree days, and 50 degree nights. I’ve started to notice my plants are growing and blooming a little less, meaning it won’t be long before they die off. I’m here for fall – don’t get me wrong! But I’m attempting to figure out ways to use my last bit of herbs and plants to get the most use out of them.

Last month, I asked my instagram friends what I should do with fresh eucalyptus. I have a planter on my front porch where the eucalyptus has been thriving all summer. Many of you suggested I put the eucalyptus in the shower, as the eucalyptus oils will diffuse out with the shower steam. I thought this was genius!! Since I also have fresh lavender in my herb area (which I highly suggest growing if you can, it’s similar to rosemary and just spells to pretty and looks cute in a mason jar), I decided to add it to this shower bouquet!

I’m loving this DIY project for so many reasons. Not only does my shower spell like a spa and look pretty, I love that this DIY promotes self care. October is usually the time of year I start to get really stressed, and so I have to be super intentional about self care (read THIS post for more of my thoughts on this and some fall themed self care tips). It’s also a project that will take you less than 15 minutes. And if you have everything growing in your yard, it’s practically free!



  • Fresh eucalyptus
  • fresh lavender
  • twine
  • gardening shears


  1. Use your shears to collect sprigs of lavender and eucalyptus. When cutting the eucalyptus, carefully examine each sprig, as they tend have a handful of insects that enjoy hanging out on. I like to take the sprig and actually turn it upside down to look at the underside of the leaves to make sure there’s no insects on it. You can also give your eucalyptus and lavender a quick rinse if you would like.
  2. Cut a piece of twine long enough so you will be able to tie your bouquet and then make another bow around the shower head. I made mine roughly 18 inches (this was definitely more than I needed but I wanted to be safe). Set aside.
  3. Start to create your bouquet by layering a stem of eucalyptus, followed by lavender, and then repeat. Alternate adding the two types of plants until you have used all of the sprigs. You should be holding a bouquet in your hand by the end of this process. Refer to my pictures for more details.
  4. Use the twine to tie the bouquet together. You should have excess twine (refer to the picture).
  5. Tie the bouquet to a shower head by tying the excess twine in a bow. You’re finished!


Leave enough twine on the ends so you can tie this around the shower head.
Finished spa bouquet!

Eazy-peezy-lemon -squeezie. This fun little DIY was great because of it’s time efficiency, and I’m really loving that every time I shower I feel like I’m in a little spa. I hope you are able to whip this DIY up, it’s a keeper!


One thought on “DIY Fresh Lavender & Eucalyptus Shower Bouquet

  1. I LOVE to put eucalyptus in the shower – I just happen to find mine at Trader Joe’s because I don’t have a garden (:(). And it lasts for a long time!! Thank you for the reminder!


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