Med Marriage: 4th Year Update

It’s been a minute since I blogged about our marriage and this medical school journey. For those of you who are new around here, hi and welcome! My husband is a fourth year medical student! I’ve been on this journey with him to become a doctor way before medical school, and occasionally I like to blog about my journey of being the wife to a medical student because there really aren’t that many blogs or articles out there about it. I love this journey I get to be on with my husband, and I feel like we’re a team in this. Everything he is working towards and that we are sacrificing now is an investment towards our life together to providing a wonderful life for our future babies. It’s really special that I get to be on this journey with him from the beginning!

Fourth year has been W E I R D. I honestly feel like every year of medical school brings it’s own unique challenges for Brandon and myself. His challenges are pretty cut and dry- tests, anatomy lab, boards, etc. But for me, as the wife of a medical student, each year has brought something new that has challenged me to grow. First year forced me to become independent and comfortable being alone (and side note – I love alone time now). Second year challenged me to become more patient and understanding while Brandon prepped for his first boards test (and if you are in that year preparing for boards, read THIS, you will thank me later). I loved third year, I had a lot more time with my hubby, but we had to have real world conversations – like what kind of doctor he wants to be. And this year, well it just started, but I can already tell fourth year is very unique compared to the previous years.

This week, Brandon is wrapping up applying to residency programs. I swear it feels like he started medical school yesterday. The days were long, but I really have no idea where the years went. I can’t believe we are here, talking about where we want to live the next four years and start our family. It’s crazy!! After we get further through the residency application and interview process, I hope to do a blog post talking about things I learned through the process. But for now, all I can say is that I am so grateful my husband views this process as something we do together and I have been involved in every step of the way. I think so often as the spouse of a medical student, it’s easy to feel like your own dreams are put to the side to help your partner reach theirs of becoming a doctor. And for me, being involved in the residency application process has made me feel like this next chapter is something we are doing together, not just something I am tagging along for.

Eek so that’s where we are at! There are a lot of things happening this year – like in a couple of weeks Brandon will be gone for two months on audition rotations (I’m excited for him but I know I am going to miss him). We are both super excited and nervous about this next chapter of our lives, but I am SO thankful I have a best friend to do this journey with.

What year of medical school is your partner or you in? Have you been in my shoes and have some tips? Let me know in the comments. As always, thanks for following along!

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