Clean Skincare I Brought to Hawaii

Hi Babes!

I’ve been back from Hawaii for over a week, and I am already missing the island life! Last year we did a family trip to Japan, which was a once in a lifetime trip for sure, but it was very labor intensive (walking everywhere, trekking around with luggage, moving from city to city every couple of days, etc). Though I loved that trip to Japan (and definitely want to go back one day), the trip to Hawaii was definitely more my pace with plenty of beach days.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed I was incorporating clean beauty items into my skin routine in preparation for this trip. Today I’m sharing these products I have been using the past month that I am genuinely loving for so many reasons. A huge thank you to Beauty by Earth and Malie Organics for sending me these products to test and share with all of you!

Before I jump in – I want to explain why I have been looking more towards clean products lately. I strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is a huge aspect of this home + healthy lifestyle blog. For me, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just eating clean and exercising regularly, it’s also about self care. I’ve shared on my Instagram that I have been experiencing hormonal changes the past few months that have completely turned my world upside down. After chatting with my doctor, there’s really not much I can do other than to continue live a healthy lifestyle and wait for my body to readjust. Additionally, I have been advised to limit as much stress in my life as possible (something I have NOT been good about lately, so I’m thankful we had a trip to Hawaii planned). I’m essentially in a season of my life where self care is important, more than ever before, and while I’m on this mission to live a healthy and stress free life, I have been inspired to start transitioning my products to clean products as well. My personal view point is that I would like to eliminate my exposure to as many toxins and harmful ingredients as I can. Now, not all my products are natural or clean (anyone remember that one time I tried all-natural deodorant and gave up after 3 days lol). However, I’m starting to make this slow transition and have really fell in love with the products I am currently using, and I think these are things you may like as well!


Natural Self Tanner– Beauty by Earth

Find the natural self tanner HERE



Did you even know self-tanner could be clean? Me either! I am pleasantly surprised with how much I have been loving Beauty by Earth’s self tanner. Not only is their self tanner made with clean ingredients, but it actually works. Their formula is a moisturizing lotion-base that is super easy to apply with a tanning mitt. This product takes about six hours to develop, so though it is not instant, it will gradually develop and last several days. Prior to using Beauty by Earth’s self tanner, I was using a mouse that instantly developed a tan, but only lasted one day. I personally don’t have time to apply self-tanner every day, and need a product that will last several days, which is why I have been obsessed with Beauty by Earth’s Sunless Self Tanner.



Body Sunscreen – Beauty by Earth *this is a reef safe sunscreen

Find the Body Sunscreen HERE


Maybe it’s the biology teacher in me, but I extremely saddened to see how coral reefs have been impacted globally and are dying off. This is due to many factors (pollution, climate change, etc.) but did you know most sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that bleach coral reefs? That’s why it is so important to use reef safe sunscreen when you’re taking a dip in the ocean, especially if you know you will be in close proximity to reefs. That’s why I chose to bring my Reef Safe Sunscreen from Beauty by Earth, since I knew we would be snorkeling on our trip. This sunscreen is not only reef safe, but it is made with clean ingredients and is lightweight. This is a natural mineral sunscreen, meaning the ingredients are safe for the reef and you! If you’re not used to a mineral sunscreen, then you will notice that the texture comes out thicker than the typical chemical packed sunscreens. Be sure to apply a generous amount and it’ll be a breeze to rub in!

Tinted Facial Sunscreen – Beauty by Earth

Tinted Facial Sunscreen in Natural Beige (this is what I use) HERE

Tinted Facial Sunscreen in Toffee HERE

Tinted Facial Sunscreen in Cocoa HERE


I don’t like to wear makeup when I’m laying out by the beach or pool, but I still feel like I need a little coverage – do ya feel me? I’ve been using Beauty by Earth’s Tinted Facial Sunscreen all summer to avoid having to pack on makeup! It gives me a little coverage without having to apply makeup. It also does not make my skin oily, which can be a huge problem with facial sunscreens. Even on the days I am applying makeup, I like to use this sunscreen underneath my makeup as my normal face moisturizer since I’ve noticed it helps prime my face a bit for makeup so it lasts longer. 


Firming Cream – Malie Organics

Find the firming cream HERE


This is probably my favorite out of all of the products I have tried thus far from Mallie. This firming cream contains antioxidants which target cell damage and neutralize free radicals which cause aging. The cream also is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. I like to use this at morning and at night after washing my face and using a toner (their hydrosol facial tonic is a great toner option).

I used to rely on retinol creams as a firming agent, but recently I have steered away from retinol in an effort to find more organic and less abrasive ingredients (don’t get me wrong I love retinol, but I just need a break right now), and this firming cream is a WONDERFUL alternative. Out of all of the products I am using, this is the one I am going the fastest through, and thankfully the bottle is huge and contains a significant amount of product. I love using this stuff after being out in the sun all day, it soothes my sunkissed skin!

Hydrosol Facial Tonic – Malie Organics

Find the Hydrosol Facial Tonic HERE


Easily one the most versatile products from the Botany Beauty line and I’m here for it. This tonic minimizes pores, reduces oils, and cleanses skin. My favorite part about this product is the smell! It contains jasmine and rose, so it essentially smells like the best tea you’ve ever had!

I use this Hydrosol Facial Tonic in the morning and evening in different ways. In the morning, I use this as a make-up setting spray, while in the evening I use it as a toner. It can also be used a quick refresh to hydrate your skin or even on hair to revitalize curls and cut down on frizz for an air-dry look (my fav in the summer)



More items from the Malie Organics Botany Beauty line I have been loving are the luxe eye cream, cleansing polish, and coffee fruit mask. All of which you can find HERE.


What skin products have you been loving this summer? Let me know in the comments so I can give them a try too!


Did you like the products linked in today’s blog post? Please support Jackie Anne Blog by shopping through the provided affiliated links. At no cost to you, I will receive a small percentage from any products you purchase through these provided affiliate links. I use this small profit to keep this blog running and maintained. Thank you so much for your support so I can continue to serve you! 

Thank you to Beauty by Earth and Malie Organics for gifting these PR products for today’s post! 


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