My Goals for how this Blog Inspires YOU in 2019

Hey Friends,

I hope you are settling into 2019 and that things are off to an amazing start for you. I want to take a moment to talk about goal setting for 2019 and my goals for this blog! I am passionate about goal setting, but I have not always been this way. About for years ago, I decided I would lose 25 pounds, and I actually stuck to my goal. Since then, setting goals and reaching them has significantly improved my life, and I hope that this blog encourages you to do the same this year. Today I am going to share how I hope to be a service to YOU this year.

The journal on the left is my prayer and devotional journal. The journal on the right is my gratitude and goals journal (where I wrote down my goals for this blog in 2019)


My Goals for how this Blog Inspires YOU in 2019

When I rebranded my blog from teaching to home, DIY, and lifestyle, I knew some would be confused by the change. I got into some of the nitty gritty details in THIS post if you want to read some more details about the shift. Thankfully, I have felt a huge support from this community after the rebrand (which I have been told is because of how honest I was in that post, so go check it out if you are curious).

I have big dreams for this blog in 2019. But the main reason why I put so much time into this little space on the internet: to serve YOU. I really, truly hope that my blog brings YOU inspiration and ideas to implement in your own life. And this is why –

Right now, Brandon and I are in a transition in life. We are unique in that we know we aren’t in our forever house (he will be going into residency in June 2020 and we will likely be moving), however we both know that we want wherever we are to feel like home. So many of our friends are buying houses and planting roots, while we just aren’t on that life path. Several moths ago, I would see many beautiful home renovations and decor ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, but I would feel defeated knowing we are limited in what we can do in a rental townhouse. I so badly wanted to learn to decorate our home so it felt like ours, but felt like I couldn’t since we were just renting and that we would just have to wait until we had our own house one day. But recently, a felt a huge tug on my heart to stop being so afraid to explore this new passion of mine to make our house more cozy. But to be honest, I was super scared to make this change, because there are SO many other amazing, experienced, and breathtaking home decor feeds on Instagram already. I am literally learning as I go, and I don’t feel anywhere close to being great at home styling yet. But then I realized that there are SO many other women in similar situations. Maybe you aren’t on the medical school journey, but maybe you are working a job in a city you know isn’t your forever location, in some other professional school, or saving until you can buy a house later without going into debt (definitely referencing some Dave Ramsey here lol).



Whatever your situation, I hope that my blog is warm, inviting and makes the things I share seem attainable. Things that you can accomplish, no matter where you are in life. I hope any home decor or projects I share seems realistic, and something you can achieve. That any healthy recipes I post are things you can actually try in the middle of the work week. That any marriage advice or experiences I share make you laugh and are relatable. That nothing I post seems too staged or unrealistic, and that instead it is something you can try that will add value and joy to your life.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring you everyday life inspiration. Let me know in the comments what you want to see more of this year – decor, DIY, married to medicine stories, health, etc. so I can better inspire YOU.

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